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Evil Eye Choker is a type of a full sleeve type t-shirt. The design is usually of a black and white checkerboard pattern, with each square varying in size from small to large. The front of the shirt is square with an outline of the checkerboard pattern on it. The evil eye represents the devil and the reason why the checkerboard pattern is used as the main visual part of the design.There are a lot of ways to wear the Evil Eye Choker and one of the ways is by just wearing the shirt. Other variations can be done with the choker to add more effect to the design. You can make the design bigger, smaller or change the colors and patterns that you like.

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To create the evil eye choker, first thing that you need to do is to gather all the material and supplies that you will need. You can start making the design if you like. This type of necklace design is usually made up of squares that will fit into the shirt collar. You can get the material in black and white and you can use them accordingly with the design you have created. You can create a funny design, to express your feelings or anything that you like.Next, you need to get the fabric and checkerboard pattern so that you can be able to make the design. You will find that there are many different patterns and designs that you can choose from when making this type of designs. Choosing the design you want will depend on what you want the t-shirt to represent.

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You can use a pattern that is big or small for the whole design so that you will be able to make it larger or smaller according to your preference. Choose the pattern that you prefer and will be able to incorporate them into the checkerboard pattern you made.Another way to create the evil eye choker is to use the coloring of the shirt. It can be a simple color such as black or white or you can use a design that will make the pattern more complicated. If you would like to create a complex design, you can use a color and design combination that will surely be something to look out for. You can combine different colors and combine the checkerboard pattern with a pattern that will be a very complex design.

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However, in order to avoid confusion, you should use the same color on all of the pieces of the design. Make sure that you chose a color that will match the design of the shirt you are making. You do not want to risk creating a wrong design if you made a mistake on the color you chose.Good luck with your designs. You can add this type of t-shirt to your wardrobe if you would like.